Who We Are

Fight Against Aids Stigma in Kenya (FAASIK) in a non-profit organization which aims to represent and address the concerns of people living with HIV (PLWHIV). In 2004, Rose Victoria Oyungu as the key founder of the organization; her soul burned with fire as she witnessed numerous women and children dying as they succumbed to HIV/AIDS while others were being subjected to stigma and discrimination. In 2005, Rose started to dedicate herself in the provision of home based care as well as addressing the issues of stigma and discrimination in her community. Her work culminated in registering FAASIK on 17th April 2008 through NGOs Co-ordination Board. To date, FAASIK is managed by 7 board members who provide leadership and advisory roles in enhancing community impact and organizational development.

FAASIK Endeavors to:

i. Implement projects that build the capacity of the PLWHIV in order to enable them resists risk factors and enhance protective factors
ii. Facilitate trainings and workshops for PLWHIV with a focus on reproductive health and management of HIV/AIDS
iii. Empower PLWHIV through leadership, entrepreneurship and life skills training
iv. Advocate and lobby for the human rights of PLWHIV
v. Establish support groups and resource centers to offer moral, counseling and psychosocial support to the PLWHIV