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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 08:01

On 28th to 31st may 2010 Faasikkenya took an active and effective role for sensitizing and passing strong lessons to the Muslim community in Malindi about HIV and TB. The training was successful and we are grateful for the generous support of all stakeholders. Below is a picture of one of our facilitator in the actual act and demonstration during the training.





During the training there were cases where we found the effects of Stigma as a result of HIV, and one was for a Lady by the name of Zarah who lost her Job and  sad to say got a Stroke  too which was as a result of the Stigma. Below is a picture of Zarah being assisted by one of the Facilitators of Faasikkenya.( we apologize some of the pictures we put are sad but we wish to show the reality facing our communities).Kindly we wish to thank all the stakeholders and ask all those who are generous and have been to keep on assisting us continue our work to reach as many as we can in the community and empower the message of Hope when all is felt lost. Visit "Donate"  link above in the menu ..for more details on how you can support us and be part of bringing change to the community, remember that even if you are not infected you are affected in one way or another .


Zarah being assisted to walk after she got stroke as a result of the stigma of being HIV positive.



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