Balanced Diet Meal -Proper eating habit 

Why do we need to eat well?

•To boost our immunity system.
•To allow proper body function.
•To make us live healthy life.

How simple are balance diet…is it samaki na nyama kila siku?
These are the most local and cheap food readily available in the market e.g. managu, kunde,maragwe What are they?
•Energy giving food, vyakula vinavyo patia mwili nguvu KAMA mahindi , miwa, oil and fats, madini
•Protective food – e.g vegetables and fruits
•Body building food-vyakula vinavyo jenga mwili kama maziwa, mayai, maragwe
Recommended spices for PLWHIV
•Aloe vera-relieves constipation. Its prepared by boiling and drinking concentrated water
•Coriander (Dania)- increase appetite, reduce stomach problem. Its recommended to add some dania while preparing the meals.
•Garlic (kitunguu saumu-helps to kill some germs i.e bacterial, fungal, vaginal yeast. It is recommended to prepare it as a ginger tea or use as spice in the meals

Take away message; Use locally available food to prepare balanced meal; mostly vitamins, plenty of carbohydrates and some proteins. Drink plenty of water but little or no alcohol

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