Care of HIV/AIDs Patient

General Care

• Offer sympathetic attitude, family and public support
• Patient should be advised to take adequate rest and diet rich in proteins and vitamins
• Patient should be advised not donate blood or organs
• Patient should be advised to use condom with any sexual partner
• Patient should be advised to avoid eating food from outside
• Patient should be encouraged to give up all habits i.e smoking, alcohol or chewing miraa
• Patient should drink boiled water
• Patient should be advised to do regular exercise
Remember HIV/AIDs does not discriminate caste, creed, race, religion, educational or social status. Prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDs is our joint responsibility. Education and awareness is the only weapon in our hand. Let us accept the challenge to fight against Aids. We must support and care for the people living with HIV/AIDs with compassion and understanding.

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