FAASIK In Collaboration With Mombasa Cement Limited Donates Food To The Vulnerable Families

The COVID -19 pandemic has been a game changer of the global economies as it has affected adversely the established businesses of every kind and lifestyle of people from all walks of life. The restrictions which has been imposed in our nation to contain the spread of the COVID-19 such as lockdown and curfew has had negative effects on vulnerable groups such as women and girls living with HIV. Many households have been left without or with minimal source of income which cannot cater for the family needs such as food, clothing and house rent.

It is against this background that Fighting Against HIV/ AIDs Stigma in Kenya (FAASIK) has been soliciting for food donations from corporates and well-wishers in order to support the vulnerable families within our communities. Recently, the Mombasa Cement Limited offered some cash donation to the FAASIKprior to the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday.  The cash donation was used to purchase 100kgs of rice, biscuits and confectionaries.

The in-kind donations were distributed to 32 vulnerable families comprising of People Living with HIV, widowed women and orphaned children from Aldina and Bemzungu village in Jomvu Sub-County.

The recipients were so joyous and very thankful for the support.“We sincerely appreciate your acts of mercy and kindness,” one of the recipient asserted as she received the packets of rice and biscuits. “You people are so caring! Thank you for your support during such a difficult time,” said another recipient. In conclusion, the FAASIK sincerely appreciates the Mombasa Cement Limited for its generous support towards this noble cause.