On December 1, 2020, FAASIK joined the global community in commemoration of the International World Aids Day with the theme ‘Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and Impact.’ In an event that was held at Shauri Moyo Dispensary ground, the activities involved a counseling talk on how to live positively with HIV, speeches, HIV/AIDs testing, planting of trees and offering of in-kind donations. The event was organized in strict adherence to the COVID -19 containment measures. The attendees were from Mathare, Huruma, Mlango Kubwa and Mathare slums as well as Eastleigh. Speaking during the event, Naomi Bosibori, Sister in Charge of Shauri Moyo Di spensary challenged the gathering as she said, “take and obey all the health precautions carefully, not only during this time of the pandemic but in your life time.”  The health counselor stressed on the need of HIV/AIDs testing, daily uptake of ARVs to the People Living with HIV and teaching of moral values.

‘Teach your children not to engage themselves in early sex, let them abstain’ said Scholastica. The members were reminded about various ways of HIV/AIDs transmission such as engaging in unprotected sex, mother to child transmission during birth and sharing of unsterilized needles and things like razor blade. Since the closure of schools due to the devastating effects of COVID-19 pandemic, there have been increased cases of teenage pregnancy across the country among the adolescent girls. This calls for community collaborative action in creating HIV/AIDs awareness.

Towards the climax of the event, the participants jointly planted the trees and thereafter they were given in-kind donations. The in-kind donations included Nescafe Decaf donated by Nestlé Limited and condoms donated by the National Aids Control Council. ‘We are so thankful to Nestlé and National Aids Control Council for their generosity.  We are glad that they are involved in touching the lives of the People Living with HIV and the orphans,’ said Mr. Hamisi, Community Health Volunteer. Later, FAASIK donated the Nescafe Decaf to the orphans and vulnerable children at Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s Home at Eastleigh.