Why do PLWHAS need love?    –

  • To feel socially accepted in the family
  • To have hope and acceptance of their conditions
  • It helps in reducing stress and hence healthy living

Types of stigma

  1. a)    Self – imposed stigma

–    This is caused when one does not accept his/her status thus cause reduction of immunity

  1. b)    Socially imposed stigma.

–    This is where the family, friends, mates (peer group) start to ignore or intimidate the HIVpositive person. Serious stigma can cause sudden death due to high pressure.

Benefits of disclosure ?

–      It helps one feel relieved.

–      Gives a person a chance of positive living in the society

How do we disclosure?

–       A person should first disclosure to oneself then tell the next closest friend. This will help the PLWHIV deal with the reaction of the people ahead.

How is stigma related to CD4?

–      Whenever a PLWHIV is exposed to stress, s/he is at risk of having high blood pressure and it may even result to heart failure. Also, stigma still exposes a person to self-grieveand loss of appetite. CD4 is directly related to what a person eats, lifestyle, and health standard.

Take Away Message –      Life is equal and the same. Being HIV POSITIVE is not death sentence nor a punishment from GOD, ALLAH OR GRANDPARENTS.